The Red Blooded Sports Rant

It’s Monday, boys and girls, so let’s rant.  Welcome to this week’s Red Blooded Sports Rant. Hey, I see where Lebron James and the Cavs advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals with another sweep!!  Whaddaya say we all go out tonight and celebrate the total unpredictability of the NBA?!!  (Yes, that was sarcasm.) Speaking of […]

The Red Blooded Sports Rant

It’s time, boys and girls, for our weekly sports rant. Pacers forward Paul George, you know, the guy who seems to spend more time bitching and moaning at the referees than he does actually participating in the action, wants desperately to be considered a superstar.  I’m not really sure what the definition of a superstar […]

Random thoughts on the weekend that was in sports

Since thousands have asked for it, here are a few harebrained thoughts from around the wide, wide world of sports this past weekend: Do you really think the NBA would even consider allowing the Pacers to beat the Cavs in a first round series?  Really?  Come on! Speaking of the Pacers/Cavaliers series, is there anyone, […]

R.I.P. Don Rickles

Mr. Warmth, the legendary Don Rickles, passed away yesterday.  I’m not sure who the other 3 would be, but I know one face that would be on a Mt. Rushmore of comedy would be his. One of my greatest regrets in life is that I never saw him perform in person.  Enjoy the legend “coaching” […]

The Red Blooded Sports Report

A few wacky thoughts designed to make your pitiful little life better: How many diehard North Carolina basketball fans are there in America today?  Alright then.  Now subtract that number from the overall population of this proud country and what you’re left with is the approximate number of people rooting for Gonzaga on Monday night…….. […]

The NFL’s Bad Apples Just Keep Falling From The Tree

If you’re not a fan of the Chicago Bears or Green Bay Packers, you might be completely unfamiliar with the names Deiondre Hall and Makinton Dorleant. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, well, he probably knows who these two guys are.  And even he may not have known who these two clowns were just a few days […]

Is Bill Belichick a Hall of Famer….as a GM?

Regardless of the outcome of next Sunday’s Super Bowl, Patriots coach Bill Belichick will be enshrined in Canton one day, probably about 30 minutes after he retires.  Belichick’s accomplishments as a coach rival, if not surpass, the greatest ever to roam a sideline in the NFL. But what’s often overlooked in discussions regarding his HOF […]

The circus that is the Indianapolis Colts

In case you missed it, Ringling Brothers recently announced that their legendary circus will be shutting down in May, after more than 100 years of the “Greatest Show On Earth”. If, however, you’re a fan of the Indianapolis Colts, then your big top is still up and running stronger than ever.  And the owner of […]