Is Bill Belichick a Hall of Famer….as a GM?

Regardless of the outcome of next Sunday’s Super Bowl, Patriots coach Bill Belichick will be enshrined in Canton one day, probably about 30 minutes after he retires.  Belichick’s accomplishments as a coach rival, if not surpass, the greatest ever to roam a sideline in the NFL. But what’s often overlooked in discussions regarding his HOF […]

The circus that is the Indianapolis Colts

In case you missed it, Ringling Brothers recently announced that their legendary circus will be shutting down in May, after more than 100 years of the “Greatest Show On Earth”. If, however, you’re a fan of the Indianapolis Colts, then your big top is still up and running stronger than ever.  And the owner of […]

The only NFL Playoff predictions you need

It’s the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, so of course you’ve turned to for the only NFL playoff predictions you need whether heading to the sports book or your high stakes family pool.  Read ’em and bet the mortgage. Seahawks/Falcons-Matt Ryan is getting tons of MVP mentions this offseason, but, of course, the […]

The Indianapolis Colts Coaching Saga

Actually, it’s more along the lines of a 30-minute comedy episode than a saga, but the current state of the Indianapolis Colts, at least as it relates to their head coach, is, well, wacky. At least one unconfirmed report out of Indy in the past week had the team’s owner, Jim Irsay, in Houston last […]

Monday morning notes from Sunday in the National Football League

A few scintillating observations from yesterday’s day in the National Football League.  As you know, I’m the only person writing about the NFL today. Lions QB Matt Stafford is the kind of leader every team wishes it had.  He seems to be constantly (and legitimately) injured, yet plays through it all.  Oh, and by the way, […]

The NFL’s “Thursday Night Football” experience

They (and don’t ask me who “they” are) say that tonight’s Cowboys/Vikings version of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football should be a good game due to, among other reasons, the fact that both teams have had a full week off since having last played on Thanksgiving. So does that explain it?  Does that explain the lousy […]

Really important thoughts from the sports weekend that was

A lot has happened over the past several days in sports, so I know you’re wondering just what I’m thinking about the Thanksgiving sports weekend.  Right?  Alright, since you asked, here are a few really, really important thoughts from the past few days: Michigan and Ohio State played an epic (I guess?) game in Columbus […]

Being that it’s, you know, Thanksgiving, what better time to list five things every guy should be thankful for?  You’re absolutely right, there is no better time.  So here we go. 1) Your wife/girlfriend/some girl you really like who barely knows you exist.  Yes, that’s right, we all need to acknowledge the superiority of the […]

In honor of the Chicago Cubs

  I’m not saying the following video is from the recent World Series, but, you know, I’m not saying it’s not.  Just watch and enjoy this little ditty of a “long-suffering” twentysomething Chicago Cubs fan living the drunk life in the Wrigley Field men’s room, just maybe during this year’s series:   It’s only fair […]